PMO Deployment

PMOs are the catalyst to transform organisational objectives into performance. Organisations that establish a well-managed Project Management Office to determine, enforce and sustain the methodologies create repeatable processes for improved project success rates and standard practices. PMC helps define PMO as a strategic driver at the corporate level for organisational excellence to set project standards across the enterprise and to deploy techniques to collaborate and communicate with multiple stakeholders. Enable better resource management, reduce project failures and support projects that offer the biggest payback. PMC’s processes are scalable at different level of the organisation (Enterprise, Portfolio, Program or Project) and at any level of PMO maturity.

Prozia specialises in PMO services

PMC specialises in PMO services based on industry standards and best practices in Portfolio, Program and Project Management within PRINCE2 / PMBOK framework and methodologies. Our PMO project teams deliver the capability required for programs of varying size and complexity.

PMO implementation and operation

PMO enhancement & re-engineering

Outsourced PMO services

PMO assessments

Project planning & Schedule management

Quality management

Human resource management

Program and project management training

Audits and Assessments

PMC provides a range of Project management support services including PMO’s, project / program audits, health checks and reviews.

Our team has subject matter experts that provide performance evaluation of Projects. Our professionally conducted audits can ensure that the audit results are accepted and our recommendations enable the project to improve its performance. Moreover, we provide project audits that are independent in nature and provide an objective assessment of current performance and capabilities. Our subject matter experts come from a variety of industries, and can provide leading practices and practical solutions that might not otherwise be considered. We work proactively with organization to review the plans, processes, structures in place and the actual results. We provide concrete and actionable recommendations to improve failing project performance and efforts. We strive to provide the best practices for performing project audits as a learning, quality assurance and governance tool for the organization.

Prozia Management Consultancy
unique risk management expertise and services

We employ qualitative & quantitative software for risk modeling and assessment to help our clients design an overall risk management system or conduct a specific analysis.

Risk Management

Our key focus with our clients is to identify associated risks and conduct a Risk Management Assessment. PMC’s risk assessment program is designed to provide an in depth analysis of an organization’s operations to identify areas that are exposed to loss. We are a group of independent consultants helping clients manage risk in a cost-effective manner. We help clients by providing a disciplined means to identify, quantify and manage a range of risks, including operational, man-made and natural. Our consultants work with Senior Management to uncover business processes that give rise to significant risk.

We work towards gathering and reviewing the information, question company management and provide initial findings. We identify and address any immediate issues our review uncovers in the whole process.