Want to manage sales, stocks, pricing, promotions...in real-time? Use our Online POS Software. It performs the same way, whether you have a single store or a chain of stores.

Our Customized ERP Services

1 Fleet Management System Vehicle and Personnel Master Records, Vehicle Service & Maintenance Records, Fuel Consumption and Efficiency Management, Manage Work Orders, Integration with GPS Devices, Tracking and Vigilance. View Demo
2 Fruit Management System Online Fruit Sales and Fruit inventory management system is a software that not only tells the details about the product available in the departmental store in fruit Market; it also gives the details about the available products, billing information, sales done on the target basis. View Demo
3 Pharmaceautical Management system Product, Vendor and Material Master Records, Batch Management, Stock Management, Sales Invoicing,Oncology User-defined MAR formats, User-defined and Controlled Label Management, Narcotic and Controlled Substance View Demo
4 Inventory and billing Management System This software has been designed so that the user finds it extremely easy to use and requires minimum effort to use it. This system can be fully customised as per your specific requirement. View Demo
5 Payroll Management System Payroll management can be quite a challenge for the new business owner. There are many federal and state laws regulating what you have to track related to payroll. View Demo
6 Education Management System Student Life Cycle Management System, Library Management, Student Records, hostel Management System, School Bus Management, Fee Management, Attendance Management, Assignments Management, Admission Management View Demo
7 Human Resource Management System Personnel master records, Payroll, Leave Management, Travel & Re-Imbursements, Integration with Biometric Devices, Time and Attendance, Performance Appraisal, Benefits administration, HR management Information System, Recruiting/Learning View Demo
8 Learning Management System A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of electronic educational technology (also called e-learning) education courses or training programs. View Demo